Vietnam war ace of spades

vietnam war ace of spades

During the Vietnam War, American soldiers started hearing rumors that the Vietnamese were very superstitious about the ace of spades. The ace of spades is traditionally the highest card in the deck of playing cards, Some twenty years later, a folk legend about the ace of spades being used by American soldiers during the Vietnam War was popularized. VIETNAM. The ace of spades, the so-called "death card" is featured in many movies about the Vietnam War. The symbol is also depicted on various unit crests. The Ace of Spades stands for the first week of winter, beginning 21 December. Remember those Vietnam-era images of soldiers tucking the Ace of Spades in their helmets? Before long the groundwork was laid for a plan to use the ace of spades as a calling card when Charlie Company went into the field by leaving them at the entrances and exits to villages we cleared of VC, posting them along trails, and leaving them on VC bodies. Alpha Company is actually named after this Platoon and Creeping Death lives on as the Company name. The back has the quote from Genghis Khan made famous in Conan the Barbarian when it was paraphrased and made shorter and more concise. The president of the playing card company asked some of the men who used them:.

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How do you explain being caught in three B raids during a thirty day period? Article What Is the Meaning of Two Clasped Hands on a Tombstone? However, the 6th Battalion of the 21st NVA Regiment did attack two CAP units to the east of in April and May, so there was definitely strong activity in the sector. Returning to Vietnam, a 10 May PSYOP Policy Directive Number 36 details official U. Just another example of cultural ignorance on the part of brass that hardly ever got out of their air-conditioned headquarters and the Circle Sportif.

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Vietnam 65' Campaign Redux-2-Ace of Spades It is important to note that very few of those you see offered for sale are genuine. Voke, S2 Intelligence Staff Officer of the 6th PSYOP Battalion in , whose unit was asked to print some of the cards for the Special Forces. So, as we said at the start of this article, the cards were not for the enemy. Leaflet was addressed to the Viet Cong 9th Division. But there are also some PSYOP success stories. Soon after our first shipment of cards arrived, we received a letter from John B. Offerings would be made to the dead, and the elderly would be sure that their last wishes were known, in case it was their turn. Four more death cards are depicted in The Vietnam Photo Book , Mark Jury, Vintage Books, NY, Specialist 4th Class Dave Rosini served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion from to as an M machine-gunner. In consequence soldiers, turned psy-warriors with the assistance of playing card manufacturers, began leaving the ominous card in battle areas and on patrols into enemy-held territory. The second step is to insure friendly control of the stimuli and the capability to create a situation that will trigger the desired superstitious behavior. I would have assumed that this card was privately made; perhaps ordered from an American printer. For instance, the Ace of Spades was a death card.

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In Latin, the word spatha , the forerunner of the modern English word spade, means "broad, flat weapon or tool. Instead, he pulled out a handful of photographs to show her. The original message is full of spelling and grammatical errors. We had to have some complete decks for poker, Tonk, or Hearts, which helped to pass the time. Like wolves, it was a way to mark their territory. Although Mozey has been credited with designing the cards, it appears that he had them printed in the United States. As a sergeant major assigned to a new unit one of my first tasks was to visit the home of the commanding officer and leave a calling card in a silver tray. vietnam war ace of spades

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